Top 10 Crystals That Will Calm, Relax & Uplift You

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Colorful crystals are more than a decoration. Ancient civilizations used these to treat different ailments, stress, anxiety, etc. it’s believed that the stones make you happy, boost your energy, and uplift your mood.


Not all crystals provide the same benefits, and we give you the top 10.

  • Turquoise

It’s an amazing crystal with shades that vary from aqua blue to light cerulean green. Turquoise has been praised by Native Americans, Egyptian royalties, and others.

It uplifts energy and protects against negativity. Turquoise can also influence people around you, and make them happy. Wear a turquoise stone when handling social issues – it will boost your confidence.

  • Rose quartz

This crystal will do wonders for those who have hard time finding love. Wear it in your bag or just keep one of the crystals on your nightstand. Rose quartz builds healthy romances, and brings you joy. It will also help you recover from abusive relationships.

People believe that this crystal will help you accept a new love and uplift your spirit. It breaks down blockages in love and builds strong love. Rose quartz is believed to strengthen families, friendships and relationships of any kind. Keep one of these in your home, and enjoy your love and harmony.

Rose quartz has a soothing effect. It brings peace and stabilizes emotions.

  • Amethyst

It’s an all-purpose stone with light violet, lilac and deep purple shades. Amethyst crystals are recommended to those who feel confused or deal with anxiety and stress. Amethyst makes you happy, treats insomnia, and fixes mood swings.

This crystal is also believed to encourage cell regeneration and boost immunity. It is meditative and calming – promotes balance and peace, and works on emotional, spiritual and physical levels. People use it in crystal healing. It helps you to survive loss and grief, making you happy and strong.

Use amethyst to regain balance, clarity, peace and self-confidence. It will help you solve problems that go beyond your control and cause sadness or anxiety.

  • Jade

Jade improves physical well-being and soothes emotions. It’s the symbol of purity and tranquility. Jade crystals bring harmony, and soothe your mind. Wear one of these to get rid of negative thoughts and become who you were meant to be. That’s the key to true happiness.

Jade stones are translucent to opaque. They can be white to apple or emerald green. Some crystals have tones of lavender, yellow, brown, red and blue.

Jade is an excellent detoxifier, and treats issues with adrenals and kidneys, while promoting natural detoxification. People use it to boost immunity, soothe PTSD symptoms and treat lung issues. Jade is the stone of the heart. Experts link it to the heart chakra, which means it treats heart chakra issues and attracts love.

  • Citrine

The yellow crystal reflects bright light and brings joy. Citrine wakes your inner child, and gives you passion for life. You will be amazed with your new carefree attitude and energy! The stone of joy will light up many aspects of life – it promotes success and brings prosperity.


Natural cirine is known as the stone of imagination and mind. It improves concentration, focus, will-power and manifestation. It releases the power of sun, and gives warmth and comfort. Citrine stimulates your chakras and clears the mind. It opens your creativity and helps you turn your dreams into reality.

Use citrine to deal with negative energies of any kind. It removes bad energies from your home and office, and offers a strong protection. Citrine crystals will absorb the negative energy from your surrounding. It’s ideal for meditation, spiritual development, and psychic growth.

  • Blue topaz

It’s one of the greatest sky blue stones. It promotes abundance, joy and good fortune. Some people call it “the stone of communication.” Blue topaz crystals improve your communication skills, and help you express yourself in a better way, regardless of whether you talk or write.

If you can’t speak in front of a group or hold a speech, keep one of these crystals in your bag. You will think clearer, and your nervousness will be gone.

Blue topaz is also referred to as the “writing stone.” Get one of these if you have trouble writing or deal with writer’s block. It will also help you connect with the spiritual world.

This crystal will help you enhance digestion and boosts metabolism, meaning it promotes weight. It strengthens nerves and balances emotions. Use it to relax and relieve the tension that bothers you.

  • Moonstone

Moonstone provides happiness, abundance, luck and love. It’s recommended to sensitive people, and those who deal with negative energy and dark spirits. Moonstone tunes in your deepest needs, and soothes stress.

It will also relieve your anxiety and understand yourself. Some people call it the stone of relief.

Moonstone can enhance the absorption of nutrients. It eliminates toxins, balances hormones, and improves the function of the pineal gland.

It’s of great help for women, as it aids in conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Give one of these to your expecting mom. Moonstone boosts feminine energy, sensitivity, intuition and psychic abilities.

  • Onyx

It’s a jet black crystal that helps those who need strength, support, stamina and protection. Use it when dealing with stressful situation, worries and fears.

Onyx will also improve your decision-making skills and intuition. Some say it increases happiness and helps when giving up a bad habit. Onyx crystals make you more grounded and focuses. Give one of these to someone who goes through a hard time or transition in life.

Onyx reduces inflammation, treats infections and heals skin issues.

  • Amazonite

It’s the artist’s stone. Amazonite gives patience, trust, truth, and tolerance. It improves communication, calms the nervous system, and promotes balance.

Amazonite dissolves blockages from fear and trauma. Use it to boost confidence and express yourself in any situation. It enhances creativity which is why people call it the artist’s stone. Amazonite opens your mind and helps you see both sides of your problem, and make a better decision.

It brings compassion and improves communication between lovers.

Amazonite helps the body absorb more calcium and aids in the treatment of osteoporosis, tooth decay, muscle spasms, and menstrual cramping.

  • Ruby

Ruby crystals will give you motivation. Use these whenever you feel depressed. Ruby is the symbol of vitality. It lights up the spark in your life, and treats depression.

Use it to fix destructive emotional patterns. Ruby stones will help you love yourself. They encourage passion, motivation and inspiration.

Some say ruby stones restore life forces, cleanse the body, support heart, and improve the function of reproductive organs. Others believe that ruby stones optimize the function of the lymph system.

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